Pricing Policy

WE OFFER HONEST PRICING. We give our customers a detailed description of the work to be performed plus a detailed price to complete the work.

NO EXTRAS, unless the customer requests more work. Any extras or changes will be discussed and a change order will be written and signed by both parties.


A Supplier of ours called us with a couple's name and phone number saying they were just quoted a price from a very well known company (who has been advertising in the paper and on TV lately). They were concerned with the price of almost $30,000 for FIBREX windows and wanted another price quoted to them. 

We called and met with them. We gave them a written price for custom made FIBREX windows from a local manufacturer, who had the same warranty as the first company. The price was under $20,000. 


But we also offered them another price for custom made HEAVY DUTY VINYL WINDOWS. In our opinion Fibrex windows are not needed in this area.

Our quote included:

  • Removal of all the windows and all the trash.

  • Installation of all the new windows.

  • Capping all the windows in a choice of colors, and caulking all the capping.

  • They chose the the vinyl windows for under  $11,500.

Our installation included these quality windows.


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