Flood Vents can save lots of money!

FEMA is raising Flood Insurance premiums 18-25% every year for at least 5 years. They have no money left to pay claims; they have to raise premiums and enlarge flood zones,

We make it possible for you to keep your flood insurance long after your mortgage is paid off. This is because the installation of FEMA approved SMART flood vents will keep your premiums low and affordable. This is true for both residential and  business policies.


If you are selling your home and you or your Real Estate agent find out that your property is located in a flood zone, we can reduce the cost of  flood insurance, but it should be done prior to closing. If not we can suggest a paragraph be added so the new homeowners don’t have to wait a year before having us install a system that will reduce their flood insurance premiums. We have already saved customers thousands of dollars in flood insurance costs.

We will order an Elevation Certificate from a local Engineering Company and submit the report to the correct insurance company for a flood insurance quote. 

One customer went from $3600/yr to $360/year after we installed our product.

Another customer who took out a home equity loan to pay off her mortgage, and the bank informed her the home was in the flood zone bought a insurance policy for her at $2700/year. We installed our product and now she is paying $ 259.95/year.


We installed 7 Smart Vent flood vents into this home on Vardon Rd in Brigantine and lowered the homeowners flood insurance by 50%.

Low-lying garage doors with flood vents.

Low-lying garage doors with flood vents.


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